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Cap Sealer
Cap Sealer

Bottle Cap Sealer 20-100mm Handheld Heat Sealing Machine with Counting Function for Plastic Glass Bottles

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Electromagnetic induction bottle sealing machine aluminum foil capper Medical Plastic Bottle Cap Sealer Sealing Machine 20-100MM:

  • Intelligent micro-computer electromagnetic induction sealing machine is a machine that uses electromagnetic induction principle to seal non-metallic bottles and annular containers such as plastic glass by induction heating.
  • This machine is widely used for sealing plastic bottles and glass bottles in the fields of medicine, chemical industry, food, beverage, greased products, lubricating oil (especially lubricating oil), antifreeze fluid, etc.
  • Through induction heating sealing, it can improve the product grade, prevent dampness, extend the shelf life, strengthen anti-counterfeiting performance, seal speed and seal quality.

Main Features:

  • High Quality Heat Dissipating Fan:Ventilation and heat dissipation are faster, avoid overheating of equipment, and provide multiple protection for machine circuit.
  • Thickening Inductor and Sensitive Response Button:High quality thick inductor makes the operation of the equipment more sensitive and reliable.The new inductive handle switch is selected for the equipment, which is more sensitive to use and easier to replace and repair.
  • Pure Copper Induction Coil:The induction disc made of pure copper coil can make the equipment run more efficiently and consume less energy.
  • High Temperature Resistant Materials:Coarsening high temperature resistant power cord is adopted to make the equipment run safer.

Technical Parameter:

  • voltage: 220V
  • power: 0.8kw-1.2kw
  • static power supply: <0.1A
  • maximum current: <6A
  • frequency: 30kHz(+-5%)
  • sealing diameters: 20-100mm
  • items size: 490*320*135mm
  • weight: 2.7kg


  • 1. Sealing diameter of 20mm, sealing time of about 1.5 seconds, sealing diameter of 85mm, sealing time of about 0.6 seconds.
  • 2.The larger the diameter of the bottle, the less time to seal, the better the effect.

Package Included:

  • 1 set of Bottle Sealing Machine
  • 1 × User Manual