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Paint Roller Kit
Paint Roller Kit
Paint Roller Kit
Paint Roller Kit
Paint Roller Kit
Paint Roller Kit
Paint Roller Kit
Paint Roller Kit

8Pcs Paint Roller Kit Paint Roller Set with Paint Roller Pro Brush Wall Printing Brush for Home Office Room

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Are you still worried about painting the wall? With this multi - functional paint roller brush set is enough, it is your perfect choice, you deserve a brand-new home!

Features :
- The new multi-function paint roller has a unique variety of accessories that can be used for different occasions. Surfaces-Delicate walls, doors and windows, wood, render, fences, wallpaper, rubber mats, and even porous concrete can all be covered in one coat. It is the best tool for you to decorate your house or clean your house. It is easy to install and easy to carry.
- Upgraded Material: More durable, no dripping & no spilling, making the painting work easier.
- Convenient Refill Mode: Allow you to pour paint into the roller easily without mess or drips, keeping clean.
- Seamless Sponge Roller: Painting evenly.
- Large Roller: Large painting area.
- Triangular Brush: Specially used to deal with narrow corners and can be used to paint gaps.
- Applicable to any wall regardless of the texture.
- No water leakage,and more paint can be stained.
- Get the perfect result,this tool can be easily applied to the lines and corners of the gap.
- When you slide around the fixture and curve,you don't need a tape to get those perfect lines.
- The paint pad is 8 times higher than the traditional paint brush,5 times higher than the traditional paint roller.

Enjoy the Fun of DIY: Our paint brush set is light and practical, and the whole family plays with painting walls, decks, ceilings and furniture. Use indoors and outdoors; or just cover up the wear scars and stains in a few seconds, enjoy DIY fun with family and friends, and greatly improve your child's growth and intellectual development and creative ability.

Package include (8Pcs):
1 × User Manual
1 × Paint Runner Pro
1 × Flocked Edger
1 × Corner Cutter Painter
1 × Resting Tray
1 × Easy Flow Paint Pour Jug
3 × Extensible Threaded Poles(length of each pole: 9.5", total length: 29")

Item specifics:
Application: Paint Roller Kits
Type: Scraper,Paint Roller,Combination,Roller Grip,Round Head Brush,Plastic Cup
Number of Pieces: 1 set
Package: Box
DIY Supplies: Paint & Decorating
Model Number: Paint Runner Roller
Feature: No Drips, No Spills, No Mess
Material: foam + PP + steel

1. Fill the paint not too full, 2/3 is ok.
2. The product should be cleaned and dried before the first use.
3. If the coating is difficult to penetrate, recommend dilution after operation.
4. In the process of brushing, you don't have to brush or press the brush in the same direction, so it works better .