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Beekeeping Tool
Beekeeping Tool
Beekeeping Tool
Beekeeping Tool
Beekeeping Tool
Beekeeping Tool
Beekeeping Tool
Beekeeping Tool

7 Pcs Beekeeping Supplies Tool Kit Queen Catcher Bee Brush Hive Frame Holder for Beekeeper

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7pcs/set beekeeping tools, to help you more good breeding and management of bee.
Necessary Beehive Tools for Bee Hive Inspection: Premium Bee Smoker with Extra Shield, 2 Type Hive Tools (L Hook and J Hook) to Meet Different Needs, High Quality Beehive Grip, and Durable Bee Brush
Necessary Tools for Honey Uncapping: Stainless Steel Uncapping Z Tool is Great for Uncapping Combs from the Hive Walls, Premium Uncapping Fork is Great for Sunken Areas or the Corners of the Frames.
Necessary Tools for Queen Bee Marking: Improved Version Queen Bee Marking Tube, and Premium Transparent Queen Bee Cage. It is Both Safe and Easy to Use.

Bee Brush---Fine quality with pure pig bristle and plastic handle.
Uncapping Fork---Sturdy moulded plastic with sharp tines.
Queen Catcher---Plastic, "hair clip" type.
Hive Frame Holder---Sturdy effective tool for removing the frame.
Hive Tool---"J" shaped with special iron steel, perfect to separate hive boxes, pry out frames, and scrap wax and propolis off of your bee boxes and frames.
Material: Plastic, Metal, Wood
Package Includes:
1 x Queen Marking Cage With Plunger
1 x Bee Brush
1 x Uncapping Fork
1 x Queen Catcher
1 x Hive Frame Holder
1 x Spur Wire Wheel Embedder
1 x Hive Tool