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400W Spot Welder Laser Jewelry Welding Machine for Ring Necklace
400W Spot Welder Laser Jewelry Welding Machine for Ring Necklace

400W Spot Welder Laser Jewelry Welding Machine for Ring Necklace

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How to use?
1. Plug the device into the wall socket and turn it on
2. Adjust input current by adjusting the current regulating dial to 1-1.5 to start. The current regulating dial ranges from 1-8. The dial can be adjusted as necessary depending upon the current flow that gives best results for your target material.
3. Check that gas is flowing over the tungsten tip with your finger. Adjust Argon gas until you can just feel the flow.
4. Clamp the object to be welded with the negative ground electrode. You cannot short circuit the machine by having both the tungsten needle and the ground clamp in contact through the work piece at the same time. Do not have the target work piece in direct contact with the tungsten needle. A 0.5mm arc gap is necessary for pulse welder operation. This is the optimum distance for welding.
5. Insure you have arc welding eye protection in place. The arc emits short wave UV radiation that will cause eye retinal burns and skin burns. Cover exposed skin (a shirt is fine), wear gloves and use an arc welding helmet.
6. Briefly step on the foot pedal and release. The arc will have pulsed and spot welded at the point you had the tungsten electrode.

Power supply: 110V 60Hz
Power: 400W
Ampere for welding: 0.5 ~ 50A, continuous adjustable (fluctuation)
Weight: about 6kg
Size: 340 * 320 * 320mm

Do not step on the pedal with long time, just step it 1 time then move off immediately. Long time stepping on the pedal, machine will be short circuit, even to burn out inside electricity
This machine is precision equipment, please cherish it.
Spark light during the welding is harmful to eyes, please make sure good protection measures.
When you step pedal, do not touch needle or soldering metal.
Please do not disassemble the unit without professional guidance.

Package Included:
1x Welder,
1x Foot Pedal
1x Cable
1x Forceps Clamp
1x Tungsten Needle
1 x handle welder