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18 PCS Adjustable Plant Watering Spikes for Potted Plants Flower Vegetables
Watering Spikes
Watering Spikes
Watering Spikes

18 PCS Adjustable Plant Watering Spikes for Potted Plants Flower Vegetables

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1.Water-flow Controllable:With slow release control valve switch, plant watering spikes can control the speed of flow, the drip speed is controllable from 1s/1 drip to 90s/1 drip, slow release drips lasts 1-15 days, which is helpful during vacations.
2.Suitable for Almost All the Bottles:2019 New self watering spike throw away nasty screw cap design, directly insert the plant waterer into the bottleneck, which can effectively avoid water leakage. You are no longer limited to find 1. 1-inch inner diameter bottles, 98% bottles can be used.
3.Anti-Tilt Design:The new bracket has the feature of anti-collapse when the fitted bottle is too large The automatic watering device won't rotate simultaneously when you twist the valve switch, and is easy to adjust the water-flow.
4.Help Your Children Take Care Plants:Teaching children and encouraging them to help in growing plants is a great way to educate them about food. It is also really engaging time spent together. Using our water spike can help you and your family produce great fruit and vegetables.
5.Enjoy Your Vacation:When it comes to you taking a hard earned holiday, be reassured that upon your arrival home that your plants are nourished and healthy, rather than dead or dying. With an increased capacity, greater stability and more control your plants are continuously watered. No need to bother your neighbor again to water them! Enjoy your vacation or business travel, leave your plants to me!

How To Use:
Insert the control valve and bracket into the plant waterer.
Take a suitable plastic bottle and fill it with water.
Install the plant waterer to the filled bottle.
Flip over the bottle and drill some holes on the bottom of the bottle or cut off it before use.
Insert the watering spikes into the soil.

Package include:
18* Plant watering spikes set