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Vacuum Sucking Pen

110V Vacuum Suction Pen IC SMD SMT BGA Chip Pick Up Tool Pump 0~12000Pa

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A machine for two simultaneous operation and single patch speed in the 2 seconds 1PCS range, the unique static noise design makes the machine work quietly. (Such as BGA, QPF and other large IC can be used to operate the suction cup, with your fingers to block the use of a large number of components, such as BGA, QPF and other large ICs can be used to hold the SMD components. There is a hole in the pen suck, put the finger after the release of the release), because we put the machine's suction range strictly control the viscosity of the solder paste, the machine's suction size adjustable knob, so do not worry SMD components sucked up to the solder paste printed on the paste after the phenomenon was sucked back.

Technical Parameter:

Suction can be adjusted

Every unit comes with two pens. Both of them can be used at the same time for two workers to share on the assemble line. One can be unplugged for back up.

Vacuum pressure adjustable

Easy operation. Block the hole with a finger on the pen to pick up a component, open the hole to release the component.

Voltage: 110V/220V

Suction range: 0-000pa

Tube length: 80cm

Chuck length: 0mm

Power cable length:87cm

Product Size: 175*90*78mm

Weight: 1.5Kg

Package Included:

1 x Pump Vacuum Suction Pen Placement Machine

2 x Vacuum Suction Pen

2 x Tube

1 x Needles (

2 x Sucker (mm,10mm)